A Dream

We are taking a stroll through the vineyards. It is a warm summer night and I am wearing a light, white summer dress with nothing beneath. I take your hand and start pulling you up the hill, running as fast as I can. Having reached the top we fall into the grass, panting. After a while we eventually start kissing.

You move on top of me, forcing me to part my legs so you can move your knees between them and expose my smooth and wet pussy to the warm breeze. This only makes me hotter and I can already feel a pounding in my clit. Your head moves down and disappears under my dress where you start caressing my thighs with your lips. But you cannot hold back long, the sweet scent of my pussy filling your nose, you move towards my triangle fast. Your tongue starts circling my swollen clit. While kissing my parted cherry lips, I can feel your index finger traveling down my slit, taking up my juices on the way. You are moving further down and as you push against my dark, sweet butthole a soft sigh escapes my mouth. You push your finger inside, making my juices flow freely, mixing with your saliva as you continue licking my pussy like there‘s no tomorrow. This makes it quite easy for you to let more and more fingers slide into my asshole and before I know it you are fisting my backdoor while at the same time your tongue still tickles my parted flesh, making me cry out in pleasure.You can feel my clit pulsating against your tongue and my sphincter starts gripping and pushing against your hand. I know you have only one goal and won‘t stop before you have achieved it. So I obey and let go. A raging orgasm washes over me. I scream your name into the night, not caring if it can be heard in the next village. Eventually the contractions of my orgasm subside, was it seconds or minutes? It seemed like an eternity to me.

You very slowly and carefully remove your hand from my butthole and drop into the grass beside me, your mouth grinning and still glistening from my juices, beaming after victory.

I smile back satisfied – and now it is my turn to take care of the hard-on that I can see pushing against the fabric of your pants. I want to show you just how much lust and love you have given to me.I get up, turn around and move into a sixty-nine position over you, with my still swollen pussy directly over your face. I still feel a bit dizzy, but that won‘t stop me now. I quickly unzip your pants, pull them off your legs and move further down in order to pull back your knees and spread your legs. Now you have a clear view of my sweet butt that just took in your hand so well. My delicate rosebud looks so innocent but inviting that you cannot hold back the urge… – but I already saw this coming and lock your hands under my legs. I want you to let go and enjoy the view of my ass spread directly before your face.First gently, then more and more determined I start playing with your shaft. I add my warm cherry mouth and start sucking, licking and biting, just as you want it.Suddenly I stop. I move my hands under your butt, spread your cheeks and move my head further down. My tongue starts circling your rosebud, spreading wetness over it. Starting in bigger circles I move more and more towards the middle until my tongue finds the entrance. Lovingly I start fucking your asshole with the tip of my tongue. I let go of your butt and take a short break, having you wonder what comes next. As you realize that I‘m teasing you, you quickly move your hand out from under my legs and give me a hard slap on my right cheek to get me continue what I was doing. You enjoy seeing my butthole twitching when you slap me and the red markings of your hand on my cheek as they slowly fade away. But I don‘t take orders. Instead of continuing to rim your ass, I take my index finger into my mouth and spread saliva all over it. Then I slowly move it to your asshole, seeing it twitch of excitement under my touch. As you can‘t see what I am doing it takes you a while to realize that it is not my tongue that is caressing your butthole and now you free your other hand and give me a flat handed slap on my left cheek. You want me to continue licking. At last, I give into your wish. I start moving my tongue towards your rosebud, slowly and brushing my tongue over it ever so slightly. I can feel you twitching every time my tongue touches you. After a while I dive in. I lick the spot I know to be most sensitive, right where the skin beneath your balls becomes your butthole. I kiss, suck and lick your sweet hole, only with one goal and I won‘t stop before I have achieved it. You feel my lust, know how much I love to lick your ass. A pressure builds up between your tights, an energy that needs to be unloaded. Your dick is positioned directly between my breasts and as I am bent over you it is pushed against my dress and chest. I can hear your breath becoming faster – for a second I let go and then dive back between your buttcheeks and give everything I have. My soft tongue flicks against your butthole and you relieve yourself in a gigantic firework.

I continue until you stop your spasm and winding beneath me and start becoming ticklish.

I drop into the grass beside you, beaming after victory just like you did. My white dress is wet from your sperm and you can clearly see my nipples pushing against the fabric. We just lay there and look at the stars. A comet is passing by. We snuggle and are just happy to have each other.

The End

Havana Nights (english version)

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The Cuban evening sun was about to vanish in the sea. The last warm sunrays fell onto the sand of the beach. The usually white sand bore a shining red color. Far on the horizon the moon and some stars went up. What a wonderful end to a wonderful day. Kate and Alex had just arrived in Havana today. Tired from the long trip and the many new impressions, they had an early dinner and a nice walk on the beach. The sand between their feet slowly turned cold and from the sea came a light breeze. Kate shivered lightly as a sudden gust blew up her short skirt and revealed a purple thong. Her hair already looked disheveled from the wind and also Alex had noticed her goosebumps. But not only that – the hard nipples of his loved one pressed against the thin material of her blouse. Although he enjoyed the view very much he unbuttoned his black linen shirt and laid it on her shoulders. A thankful smile brushed over Kate’s lips as she pulled the shirt closer around herself. It had her husband’s wonderful smell, a mix of his aftershave and hot sun. Hand in hand they walked until they arrived at their hotel.

Without thinking about taking another shower Kate dropped her skirt to the floor. She left it lying there and slowly opened the buttons of her blouse before also just letting it fall off her body. Kate preferred sleeping naked, wearing only a scent of perfume – in her case it was not Chanel, but Christian Dior. Alex watched his wife undressing. He liked what he saw. A tingling sensation spread through his body. He went into the bathroom and as he came out he already found her lying in bed. Actually he had expected her to be sound asleep. Joyfully he climbed into bed, but to his disappointment Kate only gave him a short good night kiss and turned off the lights. Dead tired from the day she was expecting to fall asleep really quickly. But sleep didn’t come, probably due to the jetlag. She tossed around and could not come to rest. Alex slowly started caressing the small of her back. “Should I help you find some sleep?” he whispered into her ear.

Kate nod her head and pulled Alex close to her. Without hesitation he kneeled in front of the bed. His strong hands grabbed her tight buttocks and pulled her to the foot of the bed. He grabbed her thong and yanked it off her. Her sweet juices already had moistened the crotch of it. Alex spread her long legs and started to inhale her scents. Gently he started kissing the smooth outer lips of her pussy. His tongue traveled down her slit. He parted Kate’s butt cheeks wide and started kissing her butthole, covering it in his saliva. Then he moved to her sweet spot. The taste of her pussy was sweet and herb at the same time. Kate gave herself into his caresses. Wetness started seeping out of her vagina and onto her anus. Alex brushed his forefinger over her vagina, picking up the juices. Then he pressed his index against Kate’s sphincter while keeping his tongue busy on her clit. Gently and without any resistance his finger slid into her rectum. Knuckle for knuckle disappeared in her butt. Then he rhythmically started pulling his finger out and pushing it in again. A soft sigh escaped Kate’s mouth. Her butthole asked for more. He removed his forefinger and used his other fingers to spread more of her juices on Kate’s anus. With his left hand he put her right foot on his shoulder. His tongue never left Kate’s pulsating clitoris. Not bothering using two fingers, Alex pushed his forefinger, middle- and ring finger into Kate’s asshole. Slowly he started fucking her butt with his fingers. His cock pressed against his boxers, craving for freedom. Alex added his pinkie and pushed his hand into Kate’s rectum. He scooped up more wetness with his thumb, removed his four fingers from her butt and slowly started pushing all five fingers into her. He was licking her g-spot like there was no tomorrow. Kate lifted her left leg up and used her left hand to pull it more towards her, giving Alex’ hand deeper access to her butt. Kate arched her back and felt a prickling sensation rushing through her body. Soon the sweet salvation of an orgasm would wash over her like waves of the sea. Fiercely Alex was sucking on Kate’s clit while almost his whole hand was fucking her butthole. She felt waves of heat rolling over her. She held her breath and felt each part of her body tense. Finally, Kate felt the rhythmic contractions of her vagina. Her rectum was vibrating delightful and sucked in Alex’ hand. Her eyes were closed while she felt the joyous rush of hormones and the trembling of her abdomen. A comfy warmth engulfed her. Happily she smiled into the darkness. “That was bombastic. Thank you so much honey!” she panted, before dropping her head into the soft pillow.

Still Kate was not allowed to sleep. In the meantime, Alex had removed his boxers. Naked and tight like a tin soldier he stood in front of the king size bed. Without a word to lose he took her legs and forced her to bend her knees. Without asking, he thrust into her dark rosebud. Alex didn’t need permission, he just took what was his. He was really horny and all he needed was a quickie. Her wet asshole was more than ready for him. Without difficulty he was fucking her through her backdoor. It didn’t take him long to reach his climax. A last time he gave a thrust with his pulsating cock deep into her rectum before exploding in sheer lust. He moaned loudly. Panting, he removed his penis from her anus and dropped to the bed exhausted, next to Kate. Slowly his juice was dripping from her hole. Kate grabbed a Kleenex and wiped herself. Her eyelids were heavy with sleep. Alex moved a little closer and took her into his arms. With her head she lay on his chest and heard his heart beating fast. Kate wrapped one arm around his waist. Alex softly kissed the top of her head. Happily and satisfied they fell asleep tangled up in each other’s arms.

The End

Chelsea’s Unexpected Spanking – Part III

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Then the paddle hit her right cheek. WHAM. Her first response was to softly rub her already flaming butt. The pain was unbearable for her and she couldn’t imagine receiving more spanking with the wooden instrument of torture. The sea salt made the already intense burning of her treatment even more cruel. The texture of the peeling was unpleasant and felt like sandpaper against her sensitive skin. Suddenly, the paddle hit her delicate fingers before it met the side of her left cheek again. “Count out loud, you stupid bitch or you’ll get two more!“ Tanya reminded her patient. “Two.“ Chelsea whispered as she repositioned herself. The excruciating pain distracted her from the big plug in her ass. She knelt on the cold, wet tiles. She prepared herself for the next hit with the paddle. It didn’t come. She couldn’t stand the tension of surprise. So, she lightly turned to see what was going on as the wooden paddle hit her hard on the left side again. Taken by surprise she bit her lower lip. She immediately tasted fresh blood in her mouth. She didn’t dare to spit it out. Just a light red stream ran down her chin. „Three.“ She spluttered to avoid two extra spankings. The nurse seemed to accept Chelsea’s behavior. She sobbed hard and wondered how many tears she had left. The next stroke hit her right side again. She waited for the fourth one while her watering eyes gave in. Her face was wet from crying and salty tears mixed with the blood in her mouth. She tasted the disgusting flavor of defeat and humility. “Out of mercy, I’ll slap you on both your cheeks at the same time, to save your strength for later“ announced Tanya. Then she struck out wide and hit the prison girl with full force on her butt. Chelsea slipped on the wet floor. “Four“ she counted. She got up again. She knew her punishment, or at least the spanking, was almost over. For a moment she felt nothing, just the slightest caress of air against her bare ass. Then she noticed that Tanya had put away the paddle. At first she could feel the nurse’s warm hands cupping her butt cheeks and gently circling clockwise and then the tender touch of her palms against her burning skin. She felt how one hand moved down the back of her legs and then up again caressing her smooth inner tighs. Her fingernails brushed Chelsa’s crotch and just for a second the nurse pressed her thumb against the prison girl’s clit. Chelsea felt a light brush of air as Tanya’s hands travelled away from her sore behind and a jolt as one hand slapped down on her ass. A sharp sting. „Five“ she cried out loud in agonizing pain. The last slap came back handed from the strict nurse. The burning sensation almost made her jump. But weak as she was by now her body gave in and again she broke down onto the cold floor. For a few minutes she just lay still. She silently cried and felt sorry for herself. Now that the spanking was over, Chelsea became aware of the plug in her butt again. She couldn’t suppress the urgent feeling of water in her lower intestines any longer. „I need to go to the toilet“, she whined. Tanya smiled. With a glittering of great satisfaction in her eyes, she helped Chelsea get up and took the poor girl to the toilet. There she forced her against the wall with both her hands above her head. „Bent a little forward and spread your legs wider“ said the nurse in a demanding tone. Chelsea followed her instructions. She heard Tanya put on a new pair of latex gloves. Then she felt the nurse’s hand as she pushed the plug a little deeper into Chelsea’s butthole just to turn it from side to side. In one swift motion she pulled it out. Exhausted from the events of this afternoon Chelsea turned around and slowly sank onto the toilet seat. Stomach cramps tormented her abdomen as she did her business. Her anus was burning like fire. The nurse stood and watched her patient for a while before she left her alone.

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Chelsea’s Unexpected Spanking – Part II

Here you can find the first part of Chelsea’s Unexpected Spanking…

Chelsea was sobbing and had lost control over her body. Thick tears were streaming down her burning face. A burning of emberrassment and shame. Her breaths were unsteady and ragged her throat like razor blades. How could this have happened to her? She felt confused, vulnerable and completely helpless in this extraordinary situation. She felt like a virgin who had been raped.The young beautiful woman has had her share of men and had enjoyed almost every encounter. She wasn’t shy and open minded in the bedroom. But she was never up for anal sex or playing with butt toys. She had tried it once with her last boyfriend as one of his many bad ideas. She didn’t like it at all and had felt more pain than pleasure. So they had stopped as quickly as they had started. Bill was furious and called her a „cock tease“ right before he spanked her bare behind with his leather belt. Chelsea was no stranger to this kind of punishment. Her daddy had used the same method to discipline his children.

And now being handcuffed and down on her knees she appeared like an insignificant little girl. Suddenly she realised that Tanya had left the room. She tried to concentrate so she could hear what was goging on. She suspected the nurse to be in the examination room since noises of someone looking through cabinets travelled through the hallway. Then Chelsea could hear footsteps coming closer. Tanya opend the door to the shower room, holding a plastic basket. She sat it down on the floor. „I admire your smooth skin, Chelsea. And I want to give you a special treatement“ the nurse announced. The prison girl didn’t dare to move or to think about what that „special treatment“ would be. Instead she kept still and waited for instructions. But none came. From behind Tanya loosened the handcuffs and set her personal prisoner free. Unexpectedly released from the bonds Chelsea dropped heavily to the hard floor. A moan of relieve and pain washed through her body. „Get on your hands and knees, before I change my mind and give you another shower“ dictated Tanya. With her last strengh Chelsea took in the required positon. It felt demeaning to her, but she still obeyed. Tanya opened a jar of coconut scented body scrub. It was a natural body product made out of sea salt. She reached into the jar and took out a handfull of the coconut peeling. She gently started massaging Chelsea’s round behind. Her warm palms circled the flesh of Chelsea’s soft cheeks and then parted them to get a good view of the girl’s delicous butthole. Her anus was tight and pink. With her left hand Tanya searched through the basket for the silicone butt plug. She quickly found it and lubricated it with some vasaline. With her right hand she spread Chelsea’s ass wide apart and in one swift motion pushed the black plug deep inside her. The prison girl almost jumped to her feet when she felt something hard being shoved into her ass. A high pitched scream escaped her mouth and quickly turned into a pitiful whining. It took all of Chelsea’s remaining strength to steady herself. „Good girl“ said Tanya and started rubbing the inmate’s buttocks. She caressed her sensitve skin with her fingertips. Chelsea developed goose bumps under the nurses caring touch.

Tanya enjoyed the power over the young prisoner and gladly took advantage of her. The touch of Chelsea’s smooth skin underneath her hands aroused her. A familiar warm feeling spread between her legs. She felt her wet pussy and and couldn’t wait any longer for the next steps she had prepared.

The RN let go of Chesea’s ass and reached for the wood paddle in her basket. She slowly clapped the paddle against her hand. While doing that she bent down to the inmate and whispered into her ear: „You will now receive a good old spanking with my paddle. Five strokes on each cheek for trying to fool me and I want you to count them out loud. Do you understand?“. As an act from necessity Chelsea silently nodded. She wondered how much the spanking would intensify the feeling of the plug in her butt. Tanya didn’t give her slave much time to ponder. She held the paddle with both her hands and struck out. In one quick drive the paddle flew through the air and slapped hard across Chelsea’s left butt cheek. The girl broke down under the stinging pain. At first it took her breath away. „One“ she counted, just above a whisper…

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Chelseas Unexpected Spanking

Chelsea lay flat on her stomach on the simple metal bed. She knew exactly what she had done wrong. She wasn’t thinking about the disaster of a bank robbery with her ex boyfriend that secured her next few years behind these cold steel bars. No, she thought about the fight with her cell mate Amber and the awaiting punishment. Amber didn’t share anything and especially not her clothes. She was the type of girl one should never, not under any circumstances tease, criticise or provoke.

The inmates at Orange County Prison for women were to wear their uniform overalls every working day of the week. Only on holidays and weekends were the women allowed to dress in their few private clothes. On one cloudy Wednesday noon when Chelsea had finished her shift at the prison’s laundry she brought back the overalls for Amber and herself. When Amber checked the number of overalls, she quickly found that one of them wasn’t her size. It was a size 12 instead of her usual 8 and one overall was missing. Instantly she was furious and grabbed Chelsea by her ponytail, „You gonna pay for that later, bitch!“ she whispered bittersweetly into her ear and then let go of her shiny blonde hair. Chelsea wasn’t in the mood to get spanked tonight by her firm cell mate. So she had to come up with a plan.

She went to the sink and splashed some cold water onto her hot face. She was already afraid of the night and had a hard time concentrating. She took the bar of soap and washed her hands. Suddenly, she remembered something from her childhood. If she ate a bit of the soap, she surely would get a fever and that was her chance to spend the night at the prison’s medical ward. She and her brother did that from time to time when they were kids to spend a day off from school on the big living room couch so they could watch cartoons the entire day. Since their mom never left the room, while their temperature was being taken they couldn’t cheat by holding the good old mercury thermometer into their tea or under the lamp. They had to be one step ahead. The boy next door who was two years older than her big brother had told them about this simple trick. Chelsea split the almost used up soap bar in half and then into smaller pieces. Slowly she put them between her perfect cherry lips and swallowed all the tiny bits at once and flushed them down with two glasses of water. Instantly she felt sick to her stomach from that disitinctive taste. Bravely she fought the nauseating feeling in her throat and concentrated on her breathing. In and out – nice, long, deep breaths.

The deafening ringing of the bell distracted her and it was time for lunch. Amber and Chelsea waited for the automatic cell door to be opened. They stepped out of the cell, lined up in a row and slowly marched down the long green corridor. At the dining hall Chelsea only asked for a little soup and some bread. As she set down at her usual table with the other inmates, she almost couldn’t stand the smell of all the food around her. The humidity from the kitchen created an unpleseant surrounding for her to be in. It was impossible for her to even try the soup, so she only took tiny bites from the white bread and hoped it would help her to keep the soap down.

Ronda, one of the guards, watched Amber closely since she was always up to something and caused all kinds of trouble on a regulary basis. Sitting across from her pretty Chelsea looked different today. Her face was pale and she was mildly sweating. She hadn’t touched her soup yet as she was staring blankly into the white ceramic bowl. „Hey Chelsea girl, you don’t look too good. Are you alright, dear?“ asked the warm hearted prison guard. She had always liked Chelsea and favored her over the others for many reasons. One of them was her perfect round juicy behind that even in those ugly orange overalls looked damn good. Unable to speak because of her nausea, Chelsea shook her head and her high ponytail slowly swung from side to side. „Come on, get up! I’ll take you the medical ward and have nurse Tanya do a check-up“ Ronda announced. Amber, getting the feeling she would miss out on a satisfying night of spanking her cell mate glared at Chelsea and gave her the finger.

Since it had been a very slow week so far, nurse Tanya was checking the expiration date of the drugs in the medicine cabinet to keep herself busy. The brunette RN was dressed in a white uniform that hugged her huge breasts and heart-shaped butt. It had an appropriate length and ended above her knee. She had put up her long hair into a chignon. On top of her head she wore an old fashioned but cute nurse’s cap. Tanya adjusted her glasses on the bridge of her nose just as somebody knocked gently on the door to the medical ward. Ronda walked in with an inmate at her side. „This is Chelsea and she’s not feeling well. I thought that you should take a look at her. I need to go back to the dining hall, but I’m sure you can handle Chelsea. She’s a good girl“ the guard summed up everything the nurse needed to know and left.

„Let’s take a look at you.“ Tanya said while she locked the medicine cabinet. „What’s the matter with you?“ she asked impatiently when Chelsea didn’t say anything. „I don’t know. I feel sick and I have a headache“ shyly said the young woman. The nurse felt Chelsea’s forehead and then her pulse on her wrist. Without further explanation Tanya took a glass thermometer out of one of the cabinets. Chelsea was about to open her mouth when the nurse explained: “this is a thermometer for rectal reading only. That’s the most accurate way. So I need you to undress except for your underwear“ the RN commanded. The patient did what was asked of her even though she wasn’t happy about a thermometer soon being shoved up her ass. However, she cooperated with the medical staff. She sincerely hoped that the soap would have raised her temperature at least to a mild fever by now. The pretty prisoner stripped down her overalls and stood still in her plain white bra and brasil panties. Tanya motioned her to the examination table. Chelsea lay down on her back and without asking the nurse pulled down her patient’s panties. She shook the glass thermometer and lubricated the tip with some vaseline. Then she asked the girl to bend her knees and put up her legs. Chelsea obeyed without hesitation. The RN parted the woman’s perfect cheeks and pressed her slightly too long finger nails into her flawless skin. Then she forced the cold glass tip deep into her patient’s ass. As Chelsea felt the instrument being roughly pushed inside her, an uneasy feeling spread through her entire body. The position she had to take pressed against her stomach and made her nausea worse. Like her mother, nurse Tanya didn’t leave the room while the good old mercury thermometer stuck out of Chelsea’s butt. She firmly held it in place and from time to time played a little bit with it. After five minutes she withdrew the instrument in one quick motion. The girl was relieved that this uncomfortable procedure was over. Tanya read the temperature and told Chelsea that she had a mild fever of a 100.6°F. Suddenly, as the patient tried to sit up, she couldn’t hold it any longer and threw up. Even though the nurse quickly reached for a plastic kidney bowl it was too late. Chelsea had vomitted all over herself, the examination table and the lime green linoleum floor.

„You poor thing! Let’s get you ALL cleaned up.“ Tanya said with an evil undertone in her voice. The tiny bits of soap hadn’t gone unnoticed by the experienced nurse. She roughly grabbed Chelsea by her arm and moved her down a corridor to the shower room. But this was no ordinary shower room, not even for a prison. A pair of metal handcuffs were dangling from the ceiling. No shower head or faucet in sight. Chelsea sensed that she had no clue what would happen to her next and wished she had stayed with Amber. Chelsea was told to face the wall. The nurse closed the door. When the inmate lightly turned her WP_20160515_13_46_16_Prohead to the right, a white garden hose became visible to her. From behind the nurse pulled down Chelsea’s panties and removed her bra as well. The underwear dropped to the cold, tiled floor. Chelsea stood there completely naked, shivering and and unsure what to expect. Then her soft hands were forced into the metal cuffs and pulled up above her head. Until now, Tanya hadn’t said another word. „You dirty little bitch! You sneaky whore! You think you can play with me and waste my time?“ she asked angrily. When Chelsea didn’t provide an answer right away, the RN turned on the cold water and directed the forceful stream of water against the small of Chelsea’s back. A shrieky scream escaped from deep within the prison girl’s body. She tried to move away, but Tanya kept the icy stream of water pointed to the young woman’s back. Tears streamed down Chelsea’s beautiful face as the cold water made her shiver even more. She was twisting and turning but the handcuffs made it impossible for her to get away from the line of fire. Suddenly, the water was turned off. Time for Chelsea to catch her breath and calm herself. But she couldn’t calm down. She cried even harder. „Lean forward and press your head against the wall“ Tanya commanded. Out of nowhere she produced a pair of latex gloves and a jar of vaseline. She put on the yellow gloves and made a snapping sound as she pulled them over her wrists. Then she put a little bit of vaseline on the tip of her left index and middle finger. „Relax your butt, or things will get worse for you“ Tanya demanded. Chelsea, afraid to the core, didn’t dare to object. Without parting her cheeks first Tanya inserted her two fingers into the girl’s butt and and started examining her rectum. „When was your last BM“ the nurse wanted to know. „I’m not sure, maybe two days ago“ answered Chelsea immediately in an attempt to please the nurse. „I’ll give you an enema to clean you ALL out and to lower your self-induced fever.“ Tanya explained, although she didn’t expect her patient’s consent to do that. She removed her fingers from Chelsea’s anus and forced the unusual soft tip of the garden hose into its place. She slowly turned on the water and let it flow deep into Chelsea’s bowels. The prison girl felt her knees slackening from the pressure in her lower intestines and dropped to the floor. Only held by the handcuffs Chelsea was down on her knees but was longing to just lie down. She wished for her tormented body to find some rest since this wasn’t to be over any time soon.

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